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SquareGuard Pocket Square Holder Slim (1 Pack)

SquareGuard Pocket Square Holder Slim (1 Pack)

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Perfect option if you don't need a new pocket square but want to use SquareGuard with your own collection. 


Achieve many different looks with the help of a SquareGuard pocket square holder thanks to its well-thought design that pulls the fabrics of pocket squares up and through the rungs to easily achieve a crisp artistic fold. Save time and money by buying multiple SquareGuard pocket square holders for your entire pocket square collection!

  • Patented in the USA
  • Sleek, new high-tech design fits discreetly in any jacket pocket
  • Pocket squares sold separately


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  • Regular: 3.5" x 4.84"
  • Slim: 3.25" x 4"

Style Tips

Style and pair these regular and/or slim-sized pocket square holders with any pocket square.

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How Does SquareGuard Work?

With SquareGuard just Weave it and Leave it. SquareGuard is a unique men's pocket square holder designed to weave your pocket square through its form to assist in creating and holding shape. It's more than a typical men's pocket square holder. It eliminates slipping and sliding and falling down into your pocket, and will keep all pocket square folding techniques firmly in place, while also flattening it to prevent bulging. We’ll help you start sharp with the right pocket square etiquette, and stay sharp with our SquareGuard pocket square holder.