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1 of 1 Exclusive - 2024 Wedding Season Bundle (Spring/Summer) Exclusive - 2024 Wedding Season Bundle (Spring/Summer)

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The Ultimate Pocket Square Bundle for the 2024 Wedding Season!

Elevate your wedding style with our exclusive collection of meticulously curated pocket squares designed to add a touch of sophistication this wedding season. Crafted using the most timely, smart and fashionable colors, textures and patterns seen across global Fashion Week, there is no better singular investment in your look for 2024.

This bundle includes:

1 White Floral Pocket Square
1 Yellow / Blue Pocket Square
1 Ivory Geometric Pocket Square
1 Turquoise / Red Polka Dot Pocket Square
1 Marigold Polka Dot Pocket Square

A $114 value
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How Does SquareGuard Work?

With SquareGuard just Weave it and Leave it. SquareGuard is a unique men's pocket square holder designed to weave your pocket square through its form to assist in creating and holding shape. It's more than a typical men's pocket square holder. It eliminates slipping and sliding and falling down into your pocket, and will keep all pocket square folding techniques firmly in place, while also flattening it to prevent bulging. We’ll help you start sharp with the right pocket square etiquette, and stay sharp with our SquareGuard pocket square holder.