How to Match Your Pocket Square with Your Lapel Pin in LA

How to Match Your Pocket Square with Your Lapel Pin in LA

One of the simplest ways to complete your look is to coordinate a pocket square with a lapel pin. The combination instantly ties your entire suit together and elevates it to the next level. Consider these fashionable ways to style lapel pins in Los Angeles to get started. 

Choosing a Lapel Pin for a Los Angeles Wedding

One of the first things you need to do is to decide on the type of lapel pin you want to wear. 

Fabrics and Finishes

When shopping for a wedding accessory, you must be mindful of the overall feel of the event. In many cases, a more formal approach is required. Pins in materials such as understated silver satin are a popular choice for wedding lapel pins and accessories. Remember that it is not the only option. You can also choose from pins made from materials like linen and felt. 

Colors and Textures

Lapel pins come in various colors, textures, and designs. Some combine multiple colors and textures into bold statement pieces. The ones you choose should complement your other accessories, not mirror or overwhelm them. 

Coordinating Your Pocket Square for a Wedding in Los Angeles

You want to find the perfect color wedding pocket square for a Los Angeles event. This usually means coordinating with the wedding theme colors, and you also want to match it to your tie. Of course, that does not mean going with the exact same color or pattern. 

Instead, choose a coordinating color or a muted print, such as a gray and blue paisley, that incorporates the color of your tie. This eliminates any chance the accessories will look “boxed” and gives you a fresh, well-put-together appearance. 

Ways To Wear Your Wedding Pocket Square With a Lapel Pin

Try these suggestions to ensure a fresh, artistic look at your next LA wedding.

Fold It

Take the time to learn a few creative wedding pocket square folds for a Los Angeles soirée. This can add interest to the look without taking it over the top. 

Keep Statement Pieces to a Minimum

If you wear a pocket square, a tie, and a lapel pin, only one (possibly two) should be a statement piece. You also want to ensure that at least one of the three is a solid color. Too many patterns look tacky.  

Make a fashion statement by properly pairing a pocket square and lapel pin for your Los Angeles, CA, wedding. PocketSquares has an incredible selection of both accessories, allowing you to find what you need for your big day in one place. Browse our site to find the perfect lapel pin for you and your groomsmen. 

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