How To Match Your Square Pocket Folds To Chicago Trends: A Guide

How To Match Your Square Pocket Folds To Chicago Trends: A Guide

Choosing the right suit accessory for the season is a timeless way to stay classy—and the Windy City’s seasons are so pronounced it’s essential to adapt your men’s suit pocket square Chicago choice to make a statement.

Thankfully, accessorizing your suit with a pocket square doesn’t have to be difficult. Read on to learn our expert tips to perfect your look.

Staying Classy In Every Season 

Because pocket squares are so customizable, you’ll never have to sacrifice personal style to stay on trend. Once you learn how to choose seasonal patterns and colors, you’ll be a pro at accessorizing like a gentleman

Pastel Springs 

Spring brings sunshine and flowers—and our experts recommend bringing that same freshness to your pocket squares and mens pocket square holders Chicago. 

We recommend opting for floral designs in pastel hues like soft blues, mint greens, and timeless white-and-gold…all of which are flawless patterns that will turn all eyes on you.

Vibrant Summers 

Chicago comes alive with warm, playful energy in summer, and your pocket squares should follow suit.

We recommend experimenting with bold patterns and colors (like vibrant yellows and reds) to bring out your confidence. 

Earthy Autumns 

What do you think of when you think of autumn? Maybe it’s sipping a hot coffee or getting cozy by a fire. 

During autumn, consider pairing your suits with warm colors with classic patterns, like plaid and houndstooth, to add sophistication to your wardrobe.

Luxurious Winters 

You don’t need to give up stylish looks during Chicago’s chilly winters. You can’t go wrong with a solid pocket square to contrast nicely against the snowy background, and winter is the perfect season to experiment with different textures, like wool and velvet.

Don’t Forget Your Pocket Guard 

Don’t let your pocket square slip. Our SquareGuard collection is designed to keep your pocket square secure and looking sharp from morning meetings to evening soirees. No high-quality pocket square is complete without one—and it effortlessly slides into any suit front. 

Find Your Perfect Pocket Square Collection 

Whether you’re strolling through Millennium Park in spring or attending a winter gala, make sure your pocket squares reflect both your personality and the city’s vibrant vibe. Click to explore our large collection of premium pocket squares and pocket square holders for men in Chicago, crafted with luxurious materials fit for every season. 

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