Lapel Pins Simplified

Lapel Pins Simplified

Lapel pins, along with other men’s accessories, are meant to add a signature look. A lapel pin is a simple and classic way to add personality and style to your outfit. At one point in time, a lapel pin was meant to be worn as a symbol to represent an affiliation with an organization, a group, or even a political party. Currently, the lapel pin is more versatile and can be used in various other ways such as representing your personality. 

Over the most recent years, lapel pins have grown in popularity. The classic or vintage look is back in style and makes for an ideal choice to show off your style. If you are wondering how you can start wearing lapel pins with your suits, we’re going to answer some simple questions about lapel pins that every man should know.

How Do Lapel Pins Work?

Lapel pins are fairly simple. When you use a lapel pin once you’ve basically got the art of a lapel pin down. You can watch our simple video on How To Wear A Flower Lapel Pin below for an easy 4 step process to wearing a lapel pin. For a more detailed step by step guide, you can go to our guide on How to Wear a Flower Lapel Pin.

In a nutshell, you weave the lapel pin through the left side of your suits lapel and attach the clip at the end of your lapel pin to fasten it in and prevent it from slipping out or moving around.



Common Questions About Lapel Pins 

Can You Wear Two Lapel Pins?

Wearing multiple lapel pins is acceptable under certain circumstances. You can wear two lapel pins if one lapel is representative of a cause and the other is more for style. If you do choose to wear multiple lapel pins you should be mindful that you want to present both lapel pins on your left lapel in a way that is sophisticated.  

Which Side Do Lapel Pins Go On?

You should wear your lapel pin on the LEFT side of the lapel of your suit. The reason for this is because we normally use our right hands to shake and if you wore it on the right it can get covered up. 

Do Lapel Pins Leave Holes?

More often than not your suit should have a buttonhole that you can place your lapel pin through. If for some reason your suit does not have a buttonhole, your lapel pin should not leave a hole in the lapel of your suit. Nonetheless, you can always take your suit to the tailor to sew a thread one the back of your lapel.

How To Keep Lapel Pins From Falling Off?

To keep your lapel pin from falling off you should use the locking pin backs that keep your lapel pin place. If you keep losing them after wearing them we recommend purchasing a display where you can present your lapel pins in a cool way and also keep them safe. 

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