How To Take Care Of Your Suits and Sport Coats

How To Take Care Of Your Suits and Sport Coats

Buying a new suit and wearing it for the first time is always a memorable experience. Whether you buy a new suit for a job interview or a wedding you need to attend it’s always important to know the proper steps you need to take care of your new suit or sport coat. Once you learn how to take care of your jacket properly it prolongs its wear for a longer period. 

You might think “I’ll just take my suit to the dry cleaner whenever I need to”, however, this causes more damage than you’d expect.

Here are a few tips our stylists recommend: 

Storage: We would recommend storing your sport coat for a full day before actually wearing it. Use a wide wooden hanger for your suit and make sure there is enough room for air circulation. The wooden hanger will help maintain your sport coats shape. If you’re looking into storing your suit or sport coat long-term always keep it in a dry and temperature-controlled area. Before putting it away, always use a lint roller to get off any excess dirt or grime that may have developed while wearing it. Once the dirt is off, store your suit in a breathable garment bag which prevents from dust accumulating and helps with better air circulation.

Always Steam, Never Iron: While wearing your suit or while it’s in storage you’ll get wrinkles here and there. Luckily, wrinkles can come out and you can maintain the fabric with the right equipment. The best way to get wrinkles out of your suit or sport coat is by using a steamer. You don’t necessarily need a fancy steamer; you could always find one for the right price and budget that works for you. Steaming is better than using an iron because it’s less aggressive and doesn’t damage the material of your sport coat. If you choose to use an iron, you’ll notice that the heat of the iron is so intense that it can leave marks throughout your jacket and the color will start to fade.

Rarely Dry-Clean: When taking your suit to the dry cleaner after every time you wear it, you’ll notice the material gets coarser and your suit will never feel or look the same. However, if your suit or sport coat is emitting an intense smell even after you’ve attempted to air it out, then we would recommend taking it to the dry cleaner to get out the smell. If you take your suit or sport coat to the dry cleaner due to a stain, it’s important to note that you only ask them to clean the area with the stain on it.

Now that you’re an expert at taking care of a sport coat and wearing a sport coat you’re ready to look dapper no matter where your adventures take you. Don't forget, you can always customize your sport coat with a lapel pin, pocket square, and pocket square holder to add an extra touch of detail to your outfit. 



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