How To Simplify Your Morning Routine

How To Simplify Your Morning Routine

Trying to pick out a different outfit every day isn’t the most practical routine every morning. Don’t worry, you won’t need to own hundreds of suits to have a unique outfit. Pro-tip, it’s all in what you wear with your suit. 

The best way to test this out is by starting with a classic suit that has a solid color paired with a white dress shirt for the entire week. Once you’ve chosen your classic suit of the week you can add some men’s suit accessories to keep your suit looking fresh and new. 

What men’s accessories can you pair with your suit to keep it looking new?

  1. Pocket Square 

Having multiple different colored and patterned pocket squares is a go-to to keep your suit looking different. You can choose from different materials like cotton or silk or different patterns such as paisley, plaid, solid, or geometric. When you add a men’s accessory like a pocket square it shows you have attention to detail. It also prevents you from getting a headache when you’re trying to keep your suit fresh every day. It is also an easy way to add an extra pop of color to your outfit.

  1. Pocket Square Holder (SquareGuard)

A pocket square holder is ideal when you choose to wear a pocket square with your suit. A pocket square holder like the SquareGuard is thin enough where you can’t notice that it’s even there and most importantly it is lightweight. A pocket square holder keeps your pocket square in place and your pocket square fold intact. A pocket square holder is especially ideal when you choose to wear a silk pocket square since they are more lightweight and prone to slipping in your pocket easily.  

  1. Lapel Pin

Combining a lapel pin with your pocket square will easily draw attention to the accessories you choose with your suit. A lapel flower has a similar goal that a pocket square has. Adding a lapel flower to the lapel of your suit will instantly make your suit look different than it did the day before. If you are new to the lapel pin world you can start by choosing solid colors to work with. When you get comfortable enough you can start playing more with different colors and patterns. 

  1. Men’s Dress Socks

Socks are another way you can add a different dynamic to your suit. Adding different patterns to your suit and having fun with your socks will make your outfit look a bit different every time. Some patterns you can look out for are geometric men’s dress socks, polka-dotted men’s dress socks, or argyle men’s dress socks. There are hundreds of different patterns you can choose from when it comes to men’s dress socks. Nonetheless, wearing different patterns and changing that up will add another layer of uniqueness to your complete suit outfit. 



  1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are another great men’s accessory to add to your suit to make it look different. You can choose to go for a standard knotted cufflink or add another element of color. Combining cufflinks with another men’s suit accessory is a simple way to get your suit together without having to worry too much about changing the suit completely. While cufflinks are a bit more formal it doesn’t hurt to add it to your morning routine once a week. 



Overall, it's easy to simplify your morning routine when you have an abundance of affordable men’s accessories to combine with your suit. Preparing your suit and accessories in the morning should never be a struggle. SquareGuard has a multitude of men’s accessories to choose from to help you complete your suit. Shop our men’s suit accessories to get the unique look you want. We have anything from a classic white pocket square to a paisley patterned tie!  

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