Perfecting Your Collection: A Guide To Pocket Square Selection For Daily Wear & Special Occasions

Perfecting Your Collection: A Guide To Pocket Square Selection For Daily Wear & Special Occasions

Daily wear, a long day at the office, and a fantastic night out on the town…what do these all have in common? 

We’ll tell you: A need for flawless fashion sense that only you can deliver on. 

PocketSquares is your premiere fashion destination, helping you to instantly elevate your look for any occasion. Read on to learn more expert tips that will help you to curate and perfect your pocket square collection—whether you’re looking for a pocket square holder for men in Los Angeles or a new color variation for your favorite square fold. 

Plan Ahead (And Plan For Anything) 

Squares aren’t just for a big night out or your meeting at the office. Los Angeles boasts a unique atmosphere that makes a square appropriate for just about any occasion. Plan ahead, and consider any location you might find yourself in. 

A pre-dinner trip to the farmer’s market? Front row at Los Angeles Fashion Week? Perhaps you’ll stumble onto the carpet at the Grammy’s, posing for the camera with your fabulous date on your arm. No matter where the adventure takes you, know that you can plan from now to have the perfect pocket square organizer in Los Angeles. 

Don’t Play It Safe 

It’s tempting to match colors and patterns, but this is a fashion “don’t.” Your suit pocket square holder in Los Angeles’ high-fashion climate deserves its chance to shine.  Collect a variety of pallets and patterns, both neutral and playful, to maximize unique options in your collection.

Keep a Few Extras 

Do you have a favorite pocket square style or color? If so, you’re in great company. Models, entrepreneurs, and fashion enthusiasts alike all have that one style that they’re completely in love with. Our tip? Grab three. One for now, one for later in the event of loss, and one for backup. You can never have too many. 

It’s Time to Invest in Yourself 

Ready to push the fashion boundaries? Shop our extensive collection of pocket squares and find the perfect look to match your unique style. We look forward to serving you with our range of suit pocket square holders in Los Angeles. 

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