Choosing the Right Lapel Pin for Your NYC Business Attire

Choosing the Right Lapel Pin for Your NYC Business Attire

Lapel pins are one of the most powerful (yet overlooked) statement pieces associated with your New York business attire. Understanding the culture behind the NYC lapel pin trends and how to leverage that in your own sense of style is the final step to truly perfecting a look, both in and out of the boardroom. 

Our experts have taken the guesswork out of your attire planning process. Here’s what you need to know about lapel pins as an accent to your pocket square holder for men in New York, lapel pin preferences, and some of the best pins on the market. 


What Does A Lapel Pin Do? 

Beyond acting as a statement piece, your lapel pin draws the eye to your face and connects you instantly with the person you’re speaking with. They offer an essence of your personal style in a compact, accessible way, instantly elevating your outfit. 


How Do I Wear A Lapel Pin With A Pocket Square Organizer in New York? 

You can freely wear both as accoutrements to your outfit—they’re made to work symbiotically with your outfit and won’t “fight” each other for focus. 


Does A Lapel Pin Go Next To A Suit Pocket Square Holder in New York? 

Typically, a lapel pin is seated just above suit pocket square holders in New York. However, some may wear it higher or lower, depending on the “look” they are going for. 


What Are The Most Popular NYC Lapel Pins? 

There are many options to consider when it comes to lapel pins that suit the fashion preferences of an NYC business expert. We’ve listed some top options to consider below. 

  • Flush, minimalist, textured: If this is the aesthetic you’re going for, we recommend something compact, condensed, and textured, preferably in a neutral or muted color. This crushed satin ribbon option is a great example.
  • Fun, adventurous, personalized: If you want a whimsical touch to pull focus to your face, there’s no better option than a looped felt-style pin—keeping that “airy” look in a fun, youthful way. 
  • Classy, mysterious, bold: Preserve the mystery with dark, alluring colors and natural elements in your design scheme. We recommend a pin like our linen petal style that’s timeless and visually-appealing from first contact. 

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