Accessorizing With Lapel Pins: A Chicago Style Guide

Accessorizing With Lapel Pins: A Chicago Style Guide

Chicago brings its diversity and international representation into its fresh, bold fashion style. Lapel pins with a Chicago edge may be the missing element your look needs. This guide will help you learn how to choose the right pieces and pair them with other accessories, like an exciting men's suit pocket square for Chicago vibes.

How To Wear Lapel Pins With Chicago Flair

Think Outside the Box

There is no hard and fast rule that you must wear your lapel pin on a jacket lapel. Sure, the traditional location is the upper buttonhole on the left side, but Chicago’s style is not about maintaining the status quo. 

Go ahead and embrace new ways of wearing a pin. Place a fresh felted flower pin on your shirt placket or in the breast pocket for a more casual look. You can also add one to the lapel of an overcoat, a great way to style the layers necessary for Chicago’s infamous winter weather. 

Make a Statement

A bold metallic or jeweled pin draws the eye and makes a defining statement about your style. You can also show your Chicago pride by wearing pins fashioned to celebrate local landmarks and sports teams. 

Mix It With a Pocket Square

You can wear a lapel flower alone, but it takes on a more formal tone when paired with a pocket square in Chicago. Choose one with bold colors or a modern geometric pattern to match your urban look. 

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pocket Square for Your Chicago Style

Unless you want to look like you bought a boxed tie and pocket square set, you’ll need to learn to mix things up a bit. If you plan to partner the two, be sure to choose coordinating colors and patterns. Even more importantly, make sure there is at least one solid-colored item between your tie, pocket square, and lapel pin.

Follow these tips to achieve pocket square style perfection suited for Chicago Fashion Week:

  • Choose complementary colors
  • Mix solids and patterns
  • Try a different fold pattern
  • Use a holder to keep it in place

How To Fold Your Pocket Square

A properly folded pocket square can mean many things, especially when heading out into the Chicago night. You are not limited to the staid one-point fold. Something more stylish and edgy, like the pouf or stairs folds, might align with your style. Add a men's pocket square holder for Chicago-style perfection. 

Lapel pins are a classic men’s accessory that fits in with almost any style trend you embrace. Make a statement by pairing one with a trendy patterned pocket square and pocket square holder for men in Chicago, IL. Shop the PocketSquares online store for awesome lapel pins that fit right into Chicago’s bold style trends. 

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