10 Essential Pocket Squares Every Man Should Invest In

10 Essential Pocket Squares Every Man Should Invest In

If you are getting ready for a night out or maybe even getting ready for a wedding there are a few essential components you need to create the perfect outfit. Before you walk out the door you might have on your new sport coat and your shirt is looking fresh and crisp but you notice that one piece of your outfit is missing and you’re looking for something that will really enhance the look you’re going for. The simplest way to enhance your outfit is by having a few essential men’s accessories such as a lapel pin or pocket square paired along with the best pocket square holder. Even if you don't know how to fold a pocket square you can do this easily with our pocket square holder

Choosing a perfect pocket square is simple. However, many men ask what pocket square goes with what and they are often flustered when it comes to picking a pocket square. As a result, we have decided to give you a list of essential pocket squares every man should own. While it’s possible to own hundreds of pocket squares there are only a few that are essential that you can mix and match with any outfit.

1.) Paisley Pocket Square

A paisley pocket square is essential to have on hand because it truly goes perfectly with any pattern of tie you might be wearing. Some patterns you can easily pair a paisley pocket square with can be with a polka dot tie, solid-colored tired, or a striped tie. While there are many paisley pocket squares to choose from we recommend sticking with darker tones such as a blue paisley pocket square to keep on hand in your wardrobe. A blue paisley pocket square is so simple to pair with a navy, grey, and black sport coat or suit coat. Also, a blue paisley pocket square is subtle and its purpose server to simply enhance your outfit to add a touch of detail no matter if you’re going to an office party or an evening out. 

Fiji Paisley Pocket Square

Moroccan Yellow Pocket Square


2.) Floral Pocket Square

Floral pocket squares have become increasingly popular over the years and that is for several reasons. Men want to add more fun and patterns to their outfit to make it stand out. Foral pocket squares are a great statement piece for a special occasion such as a wedding, baby shower, or any important days throughout your lifetime. Of course, it might not be as subtle to wear like other pocket squares its a great option to have in your wardrobe on the days you might need it the most. If you want to fold your pocket square into a simple square fold for a formal event you can watch our videos on how to fold a perfect square fold

Viola Purple Pocket Square




3.) White Pocket Square

Probably the most essential pocket square to have no matter what is a white pocket square. A white pocket square is classic but so simple to pair with any colored coat. You can pair it with a brown, black, grey, dark blue, navy blue coat and so much more. A white pocket square will easily enhance your look especially when you are wearing a white shirt. They both really compliment each other and help other pieces of your outfit stand out. 


4.) Silk Pocket Square

A silk pocket square is always important to keep in your wardrobe because of the material it gives off a nice shine and helps your jacket pop with detail. A silk pocket square enhances the colors no matter if it is a white silk pocket square or a blue silk pocket square that you have the color on silk always stands out. A silk pocket square is extremely lightweight and unfortunately can fall in your pocket at times which is why it’s important to always pair your pocket square with a pocket square holder so you never have to worry about retrieving your pocket square in your pocket ever again. For a slimmer coat pocket, you can use a slim pocket square holder or for a regular-sized coat pocket, you can use SquareGuards regular pocket square holders. After all, you spent all night picking out your outfit and choosing your accessories to add detail. It would be pointless if all that effort went to waste with your pocket square disappearing throughout the night. 

5.) Dotted Trim Pocket Square

A dotted trim pocket square or a pocket square with a design around the edges is one of our favorites at SquareGuard. Having a white, blue or black pocket square is great but when you add a border around the pocket square because it adds a second layer of subtle detail that your outfit might need. If you are wearing a white shirt and don’t want to have a solid white pocket square you could choose a border around the white pocket square that matches your lapel pin or tie. This is fairly simple to do so if you want you can have variations of a white pocket square with different border colors. 

Dotted Trim Pocket Square


6.) Black Pocket Square

A black pocket square is easy to pair with a tan or grey blazer if you are trying to go for a more cool or relaxed look without putting have to put too much effort into your outfit. If you like to have a more comfortable look you can simply pair colors like grey, tan, and black to complete your effortless look. On the other hand, you could always go for a more sophisticated look with an all-black outfit. 

black pocket square

Pinpoint Black Pocket Square

 white and black pocket square

White on Black Pocket Square


7.) Plaid Pocket Square

Plaid has always been a go-to and therefore it has made our list of top 10 essential pocket squares to own. It’s is essential to have in your wardrobe because it gives a different look when you wear a plaid pocket square with a suit of a solid color. Some plaid pocket square favorites are usually blue or red. Wearing a plaid pocket square is an easy way to introduce different tones of color to your outfit without it looking too crazy with color. You can get away with wearing plaid in this way since it’s only around the pocket area it helps your outfit stand out. Additionally, a plaid pocket square helps you look stylish and dapper while at the same time casual.


plaid pocket square

Cobalt Blue Pocket Square

 green plaid pocket square

Green Plaid Pocket Square


8.) Pink Pocket Square

A pink pocket square is essential to have because it allows you to play with lighter tones. If you decide on wearing a light pink shirt then a pink pocket square will pair nicely. A pink pocket square can be worn with a dark suit or a lighter suit making it very versatile and it shows you’re not afraid to add more color to your outfit. 


pink pocket square

Pink Diamonds Pocket Square

lilac pocket square

Lilac Mini Diamonds Pocket Square


 9.) Cotton Pocket Square

A cotton pocket square is always great to have alongside your other pocket square collection. A cotton pocket square is typically made of lightweight cotton making it easy to wear in your suit pocket. Due to its lightweight material, we always encourage you to use a pocket square holder such as the SquareGuard to always keep your cotton pocket square in place. If you are wearing a smoother textured tie a cotton pocket square will give your outfit a more dynamic look. Cotton pocket squares are affordable, always easy to iron if you don’t want any creases, and extremely durable. 

 cotton pocket square

Beige Trim Cotton Pocket Square 


 10.) Grey Pocket Square

Similarly to a solid black or white pocket square, a grey pocket square is another easy way to match with your outfit. No matter if you are going for a night out with your friends or your first job interview a grey pocket square is versatile and therefore, essential since you can pair it with multiple different colored suits. 

grey pocket square

Grey Pocket Square

 silver pocket square

Silver Dotted Pocket Square


Overall, these pocket squares are absolutely essential in every man’s wardrobe because they are versatile and provide different styles in any outfit. If you are more of a minimalist and you want to only own pocket squares that are versatile we would definitely recommend investing in these pocket squares and pocket square holders. Once again, what good would a pocket square be if it kept dropping down into your pocket? A durable and non-noticeable pocket square holder like the SquareGuard is perfect with any type of pocket square. For more information on how to fold a pocket square, you can subscribe to our SquareGuard Youtube Channel and follow our How-To Tutorials!








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