Wedding Pocket Squares: Adding a Pop of Color to Traditional Suits in Los Angeles

Wedding Pocket Squares: Adding a Pop of Color to Traditional Suits in Los Angeles

Weddings are a time to dress up and celebrate. While women’s wedding attire is often associated with bright colors and self-expression, men are no longer limited to dark suits and somber ties. With a pocket square for your Los Angeles wedding, you can add a pop of color to your suit and enjoy this classic expression of elegance.

Bold Colors

Weddings are an excellent time for bold color choices. Even if you wear a suit in your everyday life, you’re unlikely to have the opportunity to make the most of some brighter colors in a professional setting. At a wedding, a bold red, gold, or purple can give an exuberant air to your outfit and help accent your look.

Wedding Theme Colors

Weddings are often planned with theme colors; the flowers, the table decorations, and the bridesmaids’ dresses will often be in complementary colors. It can be a nice touch to aim to coordinate with the overall wedding color scheme with a pocket square in a sympathetic color. If you’d like to blend in with the wedding theme, try looking at your invite for clues about the theme colors.

Versatile Patterns

A patterned pocket square can add texture to the look of your wedding ensemble. As with plain pocket squares, you can tailor the pattern to the suit you’ll be wearing and to the formality level of the wedding. For your wedding pocket square in Los Angeles, you can choose a paisley, an unobtrusive spotted pattern, or something more jazzy.

Various Folds

You can create texture and interest in your outfit in many ways, and how you choose to fold your pocket square is one of them. If you want just a sliver of color showing, you could use the square or Presidential fold, where a narrow strip of the pocket square peeps out of the top of your pocket. Or, if you want to show off more of the design of the pocket square, you can fold it into a peak or even multiple peaks.

Think About Your Suit

As with all things sartorial, balance is key. When choosing your suit pocket handkerchief in Los Angeles, you should consider the suit you’ll be wearing. If you want a green pocket square and your suit is a cool grey, forest green will likely look better than olive green. Similarly, if you’ll be wearing a patterned suit, you may want a plain or subtly patterned pocket square not to overwhelm the look.

Should My Pocket Square Match My Tie?

Your tie and pocket square should not be an exact match. If you want a very coordinated look, you can achieve that with two items of similar color but with different designs or fabric textures. This ensures that you look elegant but not like you’re wearing a uniform. 

Picking a pocket square for your Los Angeles wedding is an opportunity for fun. Whether the look you want is exuberant and wild or suave and classic, we have what you need. Browse our website and find the pocket square for you.

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