Ten Men's Fashion Must-Haves

Ten Men's Fashion Must-Haves

Get hip with the navy two-piece suit.

Owning a two-piece navy suit is an essential signal that you are not just an adult, but a smartly dressed gent. Fortunately, navy works for all skin tones, and can be dressed up with accessories (pocket squares, ties, and lapel pins) and formal necklines, or dressed down with a tee-shirt and jeans, depending on the occasion. Save the black for funerals and executive meetings.

Carry a leather messenger bag.

Every dapper working man should ditch the raggedy bookbag or boring briefcase, and invest in a great looking messenger bag. We think leather looks best for a dashing, put-together appearance. Additionally, they're great for keeping your laptop and accessories together on your daily commute, or even for packing for short, weekend excursions.

Keep it classy with a leather wallet.

If you're still using a janky Velcro wallet, do yourself a favor and empty it, then immediately toss it in the trash, and never look back. Ever. A decent leather wallet need not break the bank to keep you looking classy. It's just a respectable thing to keep your money on lock.

Stay organized with a money clip.

A money clip is a subtlety that makes you appear to be the kind of person who pays attention to details. This is a good thing. Plus it's always an awkward moment when you're digging through your pocket for a wadded up clump of cash. Don't be that guy. Keep it organized.

Don't overlook the dress socks.

Socks are often an afterthought, but particularly when you're wearing suits, they can make the difference between great style, and just looking commonplace. Dress socks shouldn't always be black or white. Try playing with different patterns that match your accessories or shirt. Be creative!

Splurge on some designer jeans.

At a certain point, you need to realize the difference between an average pair of jeans, and the value of an investment in a great pair of designer jeans. It can do wonders to open up your wardrobe potential. Find the perfect cut and fit for your personal style, and watch heads turn.

Pull it all together with designer sunglasses.

Owning at least one pair of designer sunglasses can go a long way to help achieve a stylish look. You need sunglasses year round to protect your eyes from the sun, so it's worthwhile to do it right.

Spruce up with a sharp-looking watch.

Time is money. So invest in it! Every dapper guy should step up his time-piece. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or leather, invest in something that will look great with your wardrobe and personal style.

Wear wingtip dress shoes to complete the look.

Shoes can make all the difference. A comfortable pair of wingtip dress shoes are essential staples of every man's closet. Every dapper guy should have at least one pair of brown and one pair of black dress shoes. The wingtip style is timeless.

Travel with a nice luggage set.

Every fashionable man knows how to travel in style, and that means making sure to keep a great looking luggage set. Don't waste your money on a cheap set that will need to be replaced in a year. Do it right the first time! It's true that you get what you pay for.

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