Lapel Pins Are The Catalyst Of 2024 Outfits — See Why The Fashion World Is Raving

Lapel Pins Are The Catalyst Of 2024 Outfits — See Why The Fashion World Is Raving

PocketSquares New York is pleased to announce the catalyst of your 2024 fashion ensembles: Lapel pins. These timeless bits of elegance seamlessly uplift every outfit, ensuring you’re ready for wherever your next adventure takes you — whether it’s the hottest New York Fashion Week shows or the most sultry party that the East Coast has to offer. 

Read on to learn more about how people use lapel pins in New York, how you can use them to elevate wedding pocket square folds in New York, and how you can seamlessly incorporate them into any outfit. 

How do I use lapel pins? 

A common misconception is that lapel pins must be used for formal or semi-formal attire. This is a limiting idea that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many enjoy wearing lapel pins casually, up-leveling their outfits in a matter of mere seconds. Others may prefer to reserve them for semi-formal occasions, taking the time to match their color and theme to their outfit in an exercise of seamless coordination. 

Can I use a lapel pin with square pocket folds? 

Square pocket folds in New York are especially common to see, even in daily-wear business suits. Lapel pins can be used to accentuate the outfit and be the final “tie-together,” elevating and completing the look with minimal effort by the wearer. While both of these elements are worn near each other, one doesn’t overpower the other — instead, giving a complimentary visual appeal that will catch the eyes of fashion enthusiasts and casual admirers alike. 

Where do I find lapel pins? 

Quality lapel pins aren’t challenging to find. You can stop by local suit stores or shop our extensive collection of pins in our shop. We also offer a range of menswear accessories (including square pocket folds in New York) for you to peruse, giving you everything you need to make an impression at your next event. 

How do I pick the right lapel pins? 

Attending an event in New York? You’ll need the right lapel pin. Select your lapel pins by color, theme, and the overall cohesiveness with your outfit. Trust your fashion instincts and move forward with a pin that inspires confidence. 

Not sure how to choose? No problem. Connect with us today for additional support. It’s our pleasure to help you pick the pin that best suits your needs. 

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