three pocket square patterns in shades of blue and grey

Elevate Your Style: Men's Suit Pocket Squares in Chicago

Less edgy and subject to menswear trends than New York and less relaxed and eccentric than LA, Chicago is nevertheless a place for style and sharp tailoring. For adding a touch of individuality and changing the look of your suit, a pocket handkerchief in Chicago can give you a hint of classic style.

Men's Suit Pocket Square: Chicago Style

It’s almost impossible to go wrong when you’re picking pocket squares. However, here are a couple of tips to help you look your best when pairing up your suits and pocket squares.

Don’t Match Your Tie

Yes, it’s tempting, and you can often buy them in sets, but unless it’s your wedding day, having your pocket square match your tie is a mistake. If you want balance in your outfit, choose harmony rather than “matching.” Two tones of color for tie and suit pocket handkerchiefs in Chicago, ideally with different textures or tone-on-tone patterns, give a much more sophisticated look than having them be the same.

Experiment with Textures and Patterns:

Whether you are a fan of bold, colorful patterns or prefer something a little more subtle, there are several options for you. When you want to look your most intelligent and most formal, you could pair a charcoal suit with a modest silver-gray geometric pocket square. If you have a less formal work environment or want flair, why not add a splash of color with a bright paisley pattern?

Get the Perfect Folds

You’ve got the perfect men’s suit pocket square in Chicago. Now, you have to put it in your pocket. You may wish to sculpt yourself some elaborately folded pocket square origami or have your pocket square look as if you’ve just placed it casually into your breast pocket. Whatever your style, PocketSquares folds in Chicago in your chosen handkerchief could not be easier. 

The SquareGuard, a pocket square organizer in Chicago, can help you get an effortlessly polished look. Simply weave the pocket square into the guard and slide it into your pocket. You’re guaranteed to get the look you want without worrying about it bunching up inside the pocket or falling out. You're sure to look smart with suit pocket square holders in Chicago.

Intelligent, Smooth, Simple

It doesn’t take much to elevate a suit with a pocket square. Whether you’re going to a special occasion or checking in to another day at the office, you can be sure you’ll look put together. Pick out your pocket square to complement your suit, and secure it in a pocket square holder for a slick look. Visit PocketSquares today to learn more and elevate your style.

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