Los Angeles Chic: Mastering Pocket Square Folds

Los Angeles Chic: Mastering Pocket Square Folds

Los Angeles has set fashion trends from the dawn of its existence. The silver-screen city is home to some of the richest and most popular people on earth, offering the perfect stage and environment for new, industry-shaping trends to be born. 

We’re seeing pocket squares make a successful comeback in the global fashion sense, going above and beyond square pocket folds in Los Angeles and into a more center position in the spotlight. 

Here’s what you need to know about the latest pocket square updates in Los Angeles, CA. 

Setting the Trends: Pocket Square Trends 2024 

We’re seeing a push in pocket square popularity, with many opting to use pocket squares both formally and casually. Whether you’re hitting Hollywood Boulevard or you’re attending a casual Newport Beach party, we’re sure you’ll see at least a few in the crowd! 

Aesthetic Matters: Choosing Pocket Square Folds

There are many unique pocket square folds that can be used across event types. No matter what you choose, remember two rules of the road: 

  1. Keep your edges crisp and pressed down for a better overall fold. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to play and get creative with your folds. 

Here are some classic styles to consider mastering for your next event: 

  • The Classic — Also known as the Presidential fold, this fold is classic, crisp, and perfect for daily wear. Whether you’re meeting for drinks or heading into the office, you can’t go wrong with the Classic. 
  • The Puff — This fold is perfectly touseled and is fantastic for semi-casual events. 
  • The Three-Point — The tri-point design is great if you want to add a vertical element to your outfit, directing attention up toward your face. 
  • The Wave — Going to the club or meeting at the beach? Don’t forget the wave fold — which features three descending curls of effortless fashion. 
  • The Cagney — The Cagney has four peaks instantly catching the eye and is a great choice for more formal events. 
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