Lapel Pin Trends in the Big Apple

Lapel Pin Trends in the Big Apple

Looking dapper and flawless is one way to get ahead, which is why you’ll see a lot of fashionable men wearing perfectly tailored outfits and lapel pins in New York. Luminaries and fashion-forward folks like Eric Adams understand the power of fashion, especially when it comes to the combination of a suit, tie, and white square pocket folds in New York. At PocketSquares, we can help you look your finest with great accessories like lapel pins.

As the premium retailer of pocket squares, we offer many fabulous pocket squares, plus must-have accessories like a pocket squares holder in New York. We also carry one of the season’s hottest add-ons: lapel pins. 

Lapel Pins in New York: A Transformative Trend

Lapel pins can really tie your whole outfit together because they’re an understated, but sophisticated and unique way of letting the world know about your personality. These small accessories are endlessly versatile, meaning you can wear them to adorn your favorite fall jumper or to add a little chic charm to your suit coat lapel. 

Since they are relatively subtle, you can add a measured dash of color or whimsy to your suit coat with a blood-red flower or bright turquoise burst. Plus, lapel pins are cost-effective, easy to incorporate into your outfit, and make just the right amount of a statement.

How to Wear a Lapel Pin

The first thing that you’ll want to do is put the pin in the approximate place where the suit’s buttonhole would be, or is. This means that you should affix it to an area close to your heart, on the right side of your body. 

Mind the Matching

Lapel pins are fairly small, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t clash with your outfit. You’ll want to be particularly careful, especially if you’re opting for a more saturated hue or an extravagant design. Think about your overall aesthetic. Are you a little bolder or more adventurous with your fashion, or do you tend to play by more classic rules? What sort of event will you be wearing this outfit to? Does the pin directly clash with any colors in your palette?

If you can get away with being a bit more whimsical, and you’re not afraid to experiment with color, try a pin in a complementary color that still fits within the pattern. For example, if your outfit has plenty of blue tones in it, a bright orange lapel pin could add a ton of visual interest with not a lot of effort. 

Try This Look Today

If you haven’t incorporated lapel pins into your look, you’re missing out. Visit PocketSquares and pick up beautiful, unique, lapel pins, lovely pocket squares in different styles and a great pocket square organizer in New York today. 

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