L.A. Street Style: How Locals Are Rocking Lapel Pins

L.A. Street Style: How Locals Are Rocking Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have gained popularity recently and are a great opportunity to elevate the look of your suit or jacket, add a new flair to an outfit, and most importantly, express your individuality. For your lapel pins in Los Angeles, it's also a chance to tap into some of that classic L.A. style.

Lapel Pins in Los Angeles: The Golden Rule

First things first. The only unbreakable rule when it comes to lapel pins is that they should sit on the left lapel, more or less where the buttonhole is, or would be. Though your suit may have a buttonhole on each lapel, the left lapel is the only acceptable side for a pin. 

Other than this rule, however, there are few other conventions you need to follow. This is an area where your own personal tastes can guide you.

A Twist on a Classic

Whereas dapper gents from the past may have gone to work with a fresh flower in their buttonhole, modern times call for modern approaches to men's fashion. For a classic option that gives a flavor of the past's sartorial elegance whilst maintaining a modern look, try one of our satin floral-style lapel pins; evoking the freshness of a flower without the danger of it wilting over the course of your day. 

Match Material to Occasion

You can use a lapel pin to dress up or down your outfit. If you want a smart look, a satin or metal pin may be your choice, but for a more casual event, something like felt or linen can add some rustic styling. You can apply this to the rest of your outfit as well. 

Why not use a PocketSquares holder in Los Angeles for your next smart-casual event? With a product like the SquareGuard pocket square organizer in Los Angeles, you can get that "casually tucked into your pocket" look without worrying that the pocket square will sink down into the pocket or escape from it.

It may be a new season, but that doesn't mean you need to get a new suit. With carefully chosen accessories like lapel pins or square pocket folds, your Los Angeles look can be at the cutting edge of the trends. Browse through our site to find your perfect lapel pin.

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