It’s Wedding Season! How To Properly Pack Your Suit In 6 Steps.

It’s Wedding Season! How To Properly Pack Your Suit In 6 Steps.

Wedding season is officially underway, which means you have to be prepared. It’s more than making sure you got the happy couple a gift or making sure you arrive on time. You have to be prepared for the toll that wedding travel can take on your best special-occasion suits.

The garment bag is the traditional upscale style saver for the frequent traveler, but when you’re flying from wedding to wedding it’s a less-than-ideal solution in lieu of saving space. That just leaves packing in a suitcase. If you’re already picturing having to change into your suit in the airport restroom and show up to the ceremony looking wrinkled, think again. There’s an easy six-step process to properly packing your suit that will keep you wrinkle-free and stylish all throughout wedding season (and every other important, out-of-town occasion).

Properly Pack your Suit in Six Steps


Place the suit jacket front side down on a smooth, flat surface.


Fold the left shoulder back.


Turn right shoulder inside out and fold back, then tuck left shoulder inside the right shoulder.


Fold in half lengthwise and then fold in half horizontally to create a folded square.


Lay the trousers long and folded in half. Place the folded jacket in center of outstretched trousers.


Fold each side of the trouser bottoms over jacket to create a suit roll.

To see it in action, check out method 1 in this video guide.

Want an extra piece of suit-packing advice?

Take the piece of plastic sheeting from your most recent dry-cleaning pick-up and package it around the suit jacket before placing it on the trousers. This can help prevent the fabrics from rubbing together and causing more wrinkles.

As for your pocket squares, you can keep them perfectly preserved and ready-to-wear sans wrinkles in your next pocket with a few of our favorite folds in the SquareGuard, or in a small cedar box (which keeps it smooth and smelling fresh).

The proper care for your suit is just as important as caring for the pocket square that accompanies it (which you can learn more about here). When every angle of your look is pristine and clean cut, your confidence will stand out just as much as your style. And we promise that your wrinkle-free wedding look will not distract from the bride! Be prepared to look your very best during your wedding travels.

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