Why & How You Should Wear a Tie Bar

Why & How You Should Wear a Tie Bar

Looking dapper and put together comes easy when adding just a few extra accessories to complete your outfit. Understanding the use of a tie bar will not only add that personal touch, but it will also help keep your tie looking flawless. Men’s tie bars have started to become trendier than ever allowing any guy to change up his look with just a different design of the tie clip or tie bar. Whether you’re attending a wedding, getting ready for a special occasion, need a gift for your groomsmen, or simply for a night out adding a personal touch like a tie bar is a go-to accessory in men’s fashion.

Why Should You Wear a Tie Bar?

  • Style: By adding a tie bar you’re able to show off your personality.
  • Keep your tie clean: A tie bar keeps your tie clean when you are leaning over the dining table.
  • Add a pop to your suit: A tie bar is a great way for popping tie knots so that your tie doesn’t look flat on your chest.
  • Presentation: Adding a tie bar takes a few seconds and keeps your suit looking presentable throughout the day.
  • Career Essentials: For various careers like doctors the tie bar is an essential accessory preventing your tie from getting in the way when leaning over patients. As an attorney, a tie bar keeps your suit looking fresh and new every day.

    How Should You Wear a Tie Bar?

    Always Follow Our S.W.A.G. Rule:

    Style, Width, Angle, and Garment!


    We recommend you keep it simple. Start with silver, gold, rose gold, or matte black tie bars to match all your different tie patterns and colors.


    The width of your tie clip should always be shorter than the width of your tie. So, if you have a skinny tie we would recommend a shorter tie bar.


    We always advise angling your tie clip horizontally across between the third and fourth button of your shirt. Keeping your tie bar horizontal at all times will always give off a fresh look.


    Your tie bar should always be clipped to your garment! After all, we don’t want your tie moving around! Most importantly, your tie bar should always be positioned between the third and fourth buttons of your garment. You never want it too high or too low.


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