Mastering Elegance in the Windy City: A Guide to Men's Pocket Squares & Folds in Chicago

Mastering Elegance in the Windy City: A Guide to Men's Pocket Squares & Folds in Chicago

Pocket squares have played a significant role in men’s fashion from the day of their creation to the present day. They signify a certain level of refinement and approachability, inviting others to connect with you in social situations and giving you a fantastic, patterned, or colored conversation starter. 

If you’re considering investing in another men’s suit pocket square in Chicago, IL (or a pocket square holder for men in Chicago), you’re in the right place. Our experts are here to take you on a journey through the Windy City, as well as its regional history and preferences regarding pocket squares. Read on to learn more. 

Chicago Fashion Through The Times: A Blast from the Past 

While many men chose to accentuate their outfits with an epaulet jacket, a corsage, or some other form of frilly, many opted for pocket squares as suits became the casual and formal norm in the 19th century. Regional fashion styles abounded, and Chicago was no exception. The men’s suit pocket square in Chicago became a staple at the turn of the 20th century and is still used for casual and formal occasions. 

There’s no wrong way to choose a pocket square. As you shop, look for options that suit your unique style, and choose occasion-specific colors and fabrics. Ultimately, you’ll want an option that compliments you and boosts your confidence.

How To Wear A Men’s Suit Pocket Square 

There are many ways to wear your pocket square. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • The Puff — Most commonly used for weddings, this fold leaves you with a delicate gathering of fabric at the top, framed with a flat, flush rectangular fold as its own pocket or holder. 
  • The Presidential — Named for the many famed men who have used it, the presidential fold is great for everyday wear and provides a practical stripe of pop into your outfit of the day. This one is also known as the classic square fold. 
  • The Double Triangle — This fold leaves you with two clean peaks peeking out of your pocket and is great for both formal and casual occasions. 

  • How To Fold A Classic Pocket Square  

  • Lay it flat. After it is flat, fold it in half, meeting your edges together. Flatten the edge. 
  • Do it again. Except this time, you’ll move in the opposite direction, folding it to the other edge that you just folded from. 
  • Bring it down. Fold it in half from the top, meeting and flattening the edges. 
  • Fold it back over. Fold the bottom, loose edge backward, leaving you with a crisp rectangle. 

  • Ready to Choose Your Square? 

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