Explore Pocket Square Los Angeles Fashion

Explore Pocket Square Los Angeles Fashion

Explore Pocket Square Los Angeles Fashion

Looking for the best tips and tricks for a pocket square fold for wedding Los Angeles, or tricks to make your pocket square experience the classiest one yet? We’ve put together a guide for suit pocket handkerchief Los Angeles fashion to help keep you on the cutting edge of fashion, ingenuity and etiquette.

Read on to learn more about what you should know about men’s suit pocket square Los Angeles etiquette.

How Does Etiquette Play Into Style Choice For Men’s Suit Pocket Square (Los Angeles)?

Dressing for an event is a vital part of being a classy, engaged member of society. Understanding pocket square etiquette is critical to maintaining your social standing and perception as you navigate the most exclusive events of the season.

Here’s a few tips to keep you on track and aligned with the highest level of modern day etiquette:

Level Up Your Pocket Square

Choosing a pocket square? We encourage you to avoid the temptation of playing it safe. Instead, you can ratchet the “daring” factor up a few levels, choosing a square that’s a little more adventurous, fun and bold. This may look different for everyone – but ultimately, your style choice should be influenced by two main factors: the event’s dress code and your own personal, unique style.

Don’t Be Crinkly

Crinkles and wrinkles are some of the worst things you can have in your square. Pocket square Los Angeles street fashion encourages wearers to keep their squares crisp and neat, maybe with a squirt of starch and steam before hitting the streets. You never want to be caught off-guard with a limp or unsightly square, as this can majorly detract from your ensemble.

Play With Patterns

Think of a pocket square like an “accent piece''. You can experiment with bold, brassy patterns or classic trims to your heart’s content. You can never have too many pocket squares! Taking the opportunity to indulge in a more luxurious pattern can give you a fantastic conversation starter and show the host the level of intentionality you had behind choosing your outfit and preparing for this event.

Looking For Magazine-Worthy Pocket Squares From Los Angeles Fashion Influences?

Connect with Squareguard today to explore the variety of pocket square styles and accouterments – ready and available to help you level up your outfit. We know how important a great pocket square is to tie together your outfit, so our specialists have cataloged from some of the most exclusive collections to give you the widest range of styles and types of squares on the market.

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