Creating Memorable Groomsmen Gifts

Creating Memorable Groomsmen Gifts

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Besides the necessary tasks, you must remember to gift your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and many others to your close friends and family. 

We’ve made this wedding task easy, though. Our experts have developed the best tips and tricks for creating the most memorable groomsmen gift experience. Why? Because your groomsmen deserve to feel pampered—and you deserve a stress-free wedding day

Read on to learn more about the best tips and tricks to help you tick groomsmen's gifts off the list. 

What Should I Get My Groomsmen? 

The simple answer to this is: what they would like. However, that’s difficult to determine, especially if you’re working to gift to a larger wedding party. 

Some of the more common, classic gifts for groomsmen include: 

  • Alcoholic drinks, accessories, beverages or baskets 
  • Pocket handkerchief (Los Angeles embroidered or decorated) 
  • Monogrammed utility or luxury items 
  • Padfolios 
  • Gift cards and experiences 

Are you surprised that pocket square wedding in Los Angeles made the list? We know—but handkerchiefs are pretty popular gift options, especially if they’re monogrammed or tailored in some way. This is especially true in LA, as many are searching for unique pocketsquares in Los Angeles or upcoming events or celebrations in the city. 

How Do I Present My Gift? 

There are endless ways to offer your groomsmen gifts, from incredibly personal and intimate boxes to a mini wedding pocket square in Los Angeles. This can be like a pre-party to the pre-party, which many celebrate with gift-giving and unique drinks and bites before the festivities kick off. 

No matter what you choose, consider investing in quality wrapping or packaging that will add to the gift experience. The details often make the gift more enjoyable both for the recipient and the gifter, making the experience as memorable as possible. 

Searching For Gifts & Wedding Pocket Squares in Los Angeles? 

If so, we’ve got you covered. Shop Pocketsquares for the highest quality suit pocket handkerchief in Los Angeles—it’s our pleasure to serve you.
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