#Adulting 101: Level Up Your Suit Game

#Adulting 101: Level Up Your Suit Game

We can't all be Don Draper. Unless you work the kind of 9 to 5 that still requires a suit and tie every single day (a truly endangered species), most of us don't rock an entire walk-in closet's worth of perfectly tailored suits. Lets just go ahead and say it...realistically, you keep two or three in rotation for as long as you can get away with, or until it no longer fits. But, it's time to guide you out of this tragic pattern of underachievement.

This means getting more mileage out of your current wardrobe by combining the right elements to get that complete grown vibe that most of us should strive to project at this point in our lives. Don't you feel the inner call to be classic? If you're still reading this, you probably do.

It begins with the right color and cut.

Charcoal grey and navy look great on everyone, and they work for most occasions. Stick with these in the beginning and you really can't go wrong. Bonus points if you choose a classic two-button. Double bonus points if you get it tailored. A too-tight suit can make you look like you've put on a few pounds. If it's too baggy it makes you look like the kid in the movie Big. Don't do it. The '90s are over.

Black should be reserved for more formal occasions. A black suit means you're pulling out the big guns. It never really goes wrong style-wise, but it can make you feel overdressed if it's not an executive meeting or black tie affair.

The white shirt isn't always the right shirt.

Yes, white does always work. But for the love of all things fashion, step it up. Show some creativity by adding a personal touch to your look. Purple, pink, and light blue look great with most jackets, for example. The more casual the event, the more adventurous you can be when it comes to patterns and colors. If an event is more formal, be more subtle.

Depending on the occasion, don't be afraid to play with necklines. If it's a business affair or meeting, stick with the classic neckline. Whereas, a mandarin collar can change the entire feel of the suit, giving it a more off-duty look.

Accessories make your suit a style.

Pay attention to the details. Your tie. Your socks. Your lapel pin. Your pocket square. Mix and match, but don't match too much. Complement the color of your jacket, don't overwhelm it. And have fun with it! Accessories are supposed to separate you from the pack.

Be known for your style, not as just another suit.

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